Frequently Asked Questions

What does a personal trainer do?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my job is to provide the best service to my clients and to give them the tools and knowledge necessary to reach their goals–whatever those may be. I truly love my job and know this is what I am meant to do. Personal training for isn’t just about the physical aspect, it’s about making health and wellness a lifestyle that is maintainable and enjoyable. I provide both exercise training and diet/nutrition counseling.

What makes you (MJ) different from other personal trainers?

The passion. I live this lifestyle every day. I love exercising and seeing what my body can do if I change up my training or diet. I have my bachelors in Sports Management and have learned all about the health and wellness industry over those 4 years. I have many certifications that allow me to work with special populations all the way to competitive athletes, but I don’t believe that is what necessarily makes a great trainer. The education is imperative, but the drive and commitment I have for helping others change their lives is what really sets me apart from other trainers.

What is your vision and philosophy as a trainer who specializes in working with women?

My vision is to create a supportive environment for women to better their bodies and minds.

My personal story is what has molded me into the strong and driven woman I am today. I have worked with many women who are going through similar struggles to what I faced and being able to change their outlook and improve their quality of life and self image is unmatchable.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with hard work and determination. I expect all my clients to give me 100% just as I do for them. Empowering women to be strong, confident and proud is what drives me and my message.

How long will it be before I see results?

This depends on how committed you are. You will feel the changes before you see them–better sleep patterns, more energy throughout the day, better mood, balanced hormones, less unhealthy cravings etc. Depending on ability level, medical history and goals, we will comprise a schedule breaking down workout days and rest days and will set a timeframe to reach all goals established.

What can I expect to be the hardest part about making this lifestyle change?

This is totally dependent upon the person. For some, it’s getting to the gym on scheduled days without me, and for others, it may be the change in diet. Whatever it is, I am here as a resource to help overcome these obstacles.

Do you do meal prep classes?

Absolutely! I have a package deal when it comes to meal prep guidance. It’s 3 classes with the first one being a seminar where I give you all the tools and resources on how to figure out your own individual needs as well as going over all the steps of how to properly do a meal prep based on different goals/exercise styles.

The second class will be us actually doing a meal prep together.
The third will again be us doing a meal prep together and we will also set up parameters for your own diet (i.e. total calories to be consumed, macronutrient breakdown per meal and answering any other questions you may have).

Can you do individualized meal planning based on my goals?

Yes, that is available as well!