How Goes It??

How Goes It??

Well…it’s going well now that I have decided not to do a show in April. I knew I would come in too small for figure and being that I have already done 3 bikini shows, I just couldn’t muster the motivation to spend hundreds of dollars and go through the grueling prep just to do something I have already done before. I was planning to crossover from bikini into figure novice just to get comfortable with the posing in the suit, but decided this is not enough of a reason for me to be miserable for the next few months.

Also, guess who is about to graduate with her B.S. in Sports Management: Wellness & Fitness through CALU?! This girl! I will be finished in May–yet another reason to not be in show prep near my final finals week…

For now, I think I’ll stick with training for a figure show in November and just allow myself some freedom and enjoyment in my new home in the interim. I am excited to be going down part-time at 24 hour fitness to take on a full-time position in apartment leasing/sales as a way to save up for my all-womens’ gym I plan to open in the next few years!

Life has changed a lot in the last several months after the move to my new home in Denver but aside from still not having health insurance, it’s all been for the best! I have no regrets about decided against the April show, and now know that I’ll just have more time and motivation to really step my game up for the Mile High show in November! Oh yeah…and that Spartan Super I’m doing in 2 weeks. It’s only 8 miles–surely I’ll survive, right? 😉

Here are some updates on my training. I have started working with one of my fellow trainers to help me target my underdeveloped/weak areas in preparation for November. Currently those include: glutes, hamstrings, triceps and lat width…soooo basically everything. Grow baby, grow!

How Goes It??


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