Leah’s Success Story!

Leah’s Success Story!

I am so lucky to have discovered my passion and talent so early in life. I truly love what I do and feel so lucky every single day when I get to go to “work.” My clients are all incredible women and I am honored they value me and my services as much as they do! I have all the credentials (and some) I need to be a qualified and knowledgable personal trainer, but what really sets me apart from other health & wellness professionals is the compassion and dedication I bring into every session. My goal has always been to go independent and open my own gym, and I am getting so close! I would be nowhere near as prepared for having my own gym as I am without the support of my awesome clients!

I am always so in awe of how hard working one client in particular is. Miss Leah comes into each workout with such a positive go-getter attitude, and I am always eager to match her enthusiasm! She has lost several inches all around in the 8 months we have been working together and has gained an unbelievable amount of strength! We went from chest-pressing 10 pound dumbbells in our very first session to now 25 pound dumbbells this week!

I have written all of my clients meal plans that have required sacrifices, whether that be lessening the amount of wine they drink, adding in more protein, cutting back on snacking or whatever else the issue is standing in the way of achieving their goals. Only a handful of these clients have fully committed and seen the results as quickly as they were hoping for, and Leah is one of them! She now meal preps, works out 4-5 times a week (2 with me and 3 on her own that I have programmed in advance) and really lives the lifestyle that allows her to love life while still reaching her goals!

Source: MJ Fitnatic

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