Staying on Track while Traveling

Staying on Track while Traveling

This topic always comes up with my clients after we’ve started training and they’re about to go on a trip away from home and their normal routine. First of all, if it’s a recreational trip or family vacation you should enjoy it! I find food and dining at new restaurants to be a huge part of the culture wherever I go, so eat the food you’ve been dying to try but just don’t go overboard on portions. If it’s a work trip, it’s still work, so I always advise to meal prep before or have a plan in place ahead of time to keep yourself accountable to your goals while away.

Even if it is a trip for fun and to a new place, I still typically plan for one splurge meal a day and then try to keep it well-balanced for the others. Another thing to keep in mind is that “healthy” food should also be delicious! Vacation doesn’t mean fry everything…unless you’re in the south I suppose! (Haha) I look up reviews for restaurants ahead of time, whether I am traveling for business or pleasure, and then I can make sure the local foods I do plan to try are the best around!

For the actual traveling to and from somewhere portion of the trip, I always bring snacks. You can fly with food by the way–a lot of people don’t realize that! The only restrictions are on liquids, so I often times will bring a giant bag full of prepped meals for when I’m not eating out with friends or family! Some easy snacks that wouldn’t need to be refrigerated (or could go a long time without being) would be: beef jerky, tuna packets/cans, protein bars, peanut butter & celery, fresh fruit snack strips, avocados, oatmeal packets, nuts, energy balls, protein powder (if you are okay with mixing with water of course, apples, bananas etc. I usually try to bring snacks that will cover all my macros, so a staple for me when traveling is nuts, jerky, and a piece of fruit!

Most hotels will have mini fridges and microwaves, so if you are able, I would bring some meals to eat in between your business dinners and networking events. For the eating out part while trying to stay reasonably healthy, there are SO many restaurants now that will cater to allergies and special food requests. Use TripAdvisor or Yelp to search for keywords like “paleo,” “gluten-free,” “vegan,” etc.

Something that might be overlooked is the need for a reusable water bottle. Remember to chug the water before going through security, but there are water fountains all over airports and it will save a ton of money to bring your own to fill up rather than buying a $4 water every time you get thirsty!

Staying on Track while Traveling

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