Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

I am definitely a culprit of spending too much money on hair and skincare products, but I have been shopping smarter this year in preparation for opening my gym in August! In researching for my own use, I have learned a ton of tips and tricks to get the most out of my beauty products while sticking to my budget! I haven’t even tried all of these, but these two websites have helped me out a ton.

Here are some of my favorites:

#6 in Cosmo’s article is amazing and I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I am sure I would have saved countless manicures growing up! All you have to do is fill a bowl with ice water before you paint your nails (so you don’t mess them up prepping the bowl) and then hold your nails under the cold water for 5 minutes and they should come out nice and dry! Still be careful when drying yourhands of course.

#7 changed my life. I have always had trouble finding a concealer I like. Come to find out, it probably wasn’t the concealers I had been trying, but the WAY I was applying them. To get the flawless look we all desire, you need to draw a large arrow pointing down toward your cheek. This helps the concealer blend in with the rest of your makeup and minimizes the look of under-eye bags!

#9 is all about contouring. I never used to contour because it seemed so advanced and scary, but it’s actually super easy and you don’t need a fancy kit! You can just grab 2 concealers or foundations; one should be 2 shades lighter than your skin tone and the other 2 shades darker. Then just pull up a picture of an exaggerated contour (or use this one) and you’ll be good to go! Just make sure you blend it in with a makeup sponge or a brush so it looks natural.

#10 sounds magical. I haven’t tried this one yet, but using shaving cream for the quick fix of getting foundation off of something is a way better solution than changing and hoping the makeup comes out later! Now the real questions is, how do I easily get deodorant stains out of all my shirts when I don’t have time to wash them right then?! Ugh.

#15 really does work! I used to always buy mascara primers to put on before my first coat of mascara, but now that I know this trick I can save money and have makeup that lasts all day with no flake! I do one coat of the powder and 2 coats of mascara for daytime wear, and then 2 coats of powder and 3 coats of mascara if I am going for a bolder night-time look!

#18 is one of my all-time favorites. It sounds weird, but the tea bags have caffeine in them and holding them under your eyes for even 5 minutes will make a noticeable difference! Make sure they are cold though; this will provide an extra calming effect.

#5 in the hearty soul article will make your teeth whiter and more stain-resistant! It sounded super gross because of the combo of turmeric and coconut oil, but although it tastes strange it’s definitely worth the 5 minutes! All you have to do is mix 1/4c coconut oil in with 2tbs turmeric powder and allow it to harden and then brush your teeth for 2 minutes and allow it to set for another 3 before rinsing your mouth really well. Do this 4x per week in circulation with your normal toothpaste.  
#11 is such an easy trick! All you have to do is mix 2tbs used coffee grounds with 2tbs coconut oil and apply it to your face 4x each week for 15 minute bouts. I apply it to my whole face like a mask, but this recipe says it’s a good under-eye mask. I love the exfoliation and rejuvenating feel it gives my face!

Source: MJ Fitnatic