Chicken Veggie "Pasta"

Chicken Veggie "Pasta"

Man, I am happy my show is over! I will recap the show weekend in my next post, but today was day 1 of getting back into my routine of lifting heavy and eating real food! Even when I am not getting ready for a competition, I still count my macronutrients and make sure I am eating enough to fuel my intense workouts. I have missed coming up with creative recipes, so today was my day to change that! I know many of my clients are pressed for time and I can relate, so here is one of the meals I made for meal prep this week that is super easy! I have been wanting to try this “pasta” for awhile now since it’s lower in carbs and sugar and higher in protein and fiber than regular whole wheat pasta.

Macros (1/2 bag pasta, 3oz chicken, 2tbs red onion, 1/2c pasta sauce): cals-332, net carbs-5g, protein-10g, fat-8g


-1 bag Birdseye Steamfresh zucchini lentil pasta
-1 pound cubed boneless skinless chicken breast
-1 jar pasta sauce
-3/4c chopped red onion
-Sea salt to taste


-Combine chicken, onion and pasta sauce in large pan, cover and cook thoroughly
-Steam pasta in microwave
-Combine and enjoy!

Source: MJ Fitnatic