Corrective exercise

I always program with a functional emphasis and an initial corrective focus. As we grow, experience new things, take on new jobs etc we are under new stressors and in new environments, all of which change the way we use our bodies. Even if slight, it is vital to correct any compensations or deviations from proper posture before putting any more stress on the body.

While it is recognized that a significant portion of the population will experience lower back pain, nearly an identical percentage (70%) of individuals will experience neck pain as well. Similarly, a large proportion of the population will experience shoulder problems due to the shoulder joint being extremely mobile. In 2006 for example, there were 7.5 million visits for shoulder problems (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons). After the lower back, neck and shoulder issues are the second and third leading musculoskeletal-related causes of visits to medical professionals.

One of the most common clinical findings that contributes to neck and shoulder issues in the adult population is the forward head and shoulder posture. This familiar posture is characterized by the head and shoulder complex being positioned in front of the thorax with the upper cervical spine in extension and the lower cervical spine in flexion. The scapula are often ‘winged’ or positioned in downward rotation and anterior tilt. If the spine is out of alignment, everything protruding out from that midline is going to be affected as well.

In addition to these spinal deviations, are many seemingly minor aches and pains that can always progress into something bigger. If you find you have trouble completing activities of daily living (walking, picking up objects, getting in and out of a car, leaning down to pick something up etc) then corrective exercise focusing on functional movements needs to be your initial focus when beginning an exercise routine. To find out more about my fitness programs for adults battling chronic aches and pains, please reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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