Creative Ketogenic Recipes

Creative Ketogenic Recipes

So you’re trying to lose body fat, increase energy, help regulate diabetes, etc by trying a Keto diet, but are getting burnt out on your recipes…now what? Well, here are some awesome recipes many of my clients have made and can rave about!! Let me know which ones you try and what you think!


1: Crustless Spinach Quiche

Oh yeah, that’s right. CHEESE is in this diet!

2: Keto Pancakes

Can’t beat 4 ingredient pancakes! The butter here is optional, and I usually just pair them with a little whipped cream, or drizzle of sugar free maple syrup.

Everything is better with guac! I haven’t tried these, but they look amazing! The breakfast stacks are paleo AND keto-friendly! I would definitely top them with a little hot sauce, just like in the picture! 


1: Loaded Chicken Salad

Salad doesn’t have to be bland and boring! I look forward to my salads every day, but watch out for those dressings. Dressing is often what packs on the calories and sugar.

The “rice” is made from riced cauliflower, so it has just as much volume and flavor as a traditional bowl made with real rice. I have made this one before and it’s so yummy! 
Sweet and savory mixed together is such an awesome combo that is sure to make the taste buds and tummy happy! It’s plated all nice and pretty here, but mine never looks quite as aesthetic… still tasted just as amazing though! 

It’s just eggs, avocado and a bunch of different spices; so simple!

I can’t say I have tried this one, but is looks scrumptious! I absolutely love baked breads, so now that I’ve found a recipe with good reviews, I will have to make it for a taste test! 
This is a super low carb, low calorie snack idea! Some keto recipes can get high in calories because of the high fat content, but these are also great for overall weight loss! 

Source: MJ Fitnatic