Eat More Fat = Get More Fit

Eat More Fat = Get More Fit

Eat More Fat = Get More Fit

It’s crazy how big of an impact the 80’s and 90’s fat free craze had on our society’s idea of what a “healthy” diet really is. Fat is a good thing (the good kind of course) and when you extract all fat from a diet a person is going to be left hungry and will fall victim to cravings.

Fat is such a dense energy source that is satiating for a long duration, so it should be a staple in anyone’s diet regardless of goals.

The bad stuff:

Trans Fats–these are the fats that will be in preserved foods, so steer clear of frozen pizzas and McDonalds hamburgers and you should be good to go.

Saturated fats–there are some okay sources of this, like coconut oil, animal products and dairy products, but in excess it can cause the onset of any of the risk factors.

Monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats–These are going to be in “heart-healthy” foods, so salmon, avocados, most nuts, olive oil, seeds and a few others. To create a healthy and balance diet, your meal plan should be rich with this type of fat.

Source: MJ Fitnatic