Misconceptions about Weight

Misconceptions about Weight

That number on the scale has always been and will always be the major mark of physical change people pay the most attention to. It really does not at all determine how fit or in shape a person is, and that weight can (and should) change if you are incorporating strength training. After all, muscle weighs more than fat and to achieve that great beach body we all want there needs to be some muscle and tone there.

Not obsessing over weight is something I still struggle with, and these past two weeks in Europe have been great and very indulgent, so of course when I weighed myself for the first time in over a month today I freaked out that I had gained 3 pounds. But then I thought about it and recalled how great my workouts had been during the trip (if I was able to make it into a gym), how amazing of a time I had trying all those foods and how great of self control I have to be able to return to my normal life after that I really should not worry. Plus, with not allowing my body to gain weight, I am sure I was holding myself back from gains I have been working so hard for! 

I really liked this article and also loved the documented pictures throughout the process. I compiled some of my progress pictures throughout my journey, and the middle one still makes me cringe. The far left was 2013 when I was in college back home in Missouri (127lbs), middle was autumn of 2014 when my eating disorder was at it’s worst (89lbs) and right was during my bodybuilding show this April 2016 (115lbs). I can honestly say I’m still not where I want to be, but I am a lot healthier now than in both of those previous pictures. My current goal is to enjoy this transitional period in my life while working to gain weight in preparation for a figure show next spring. Listen to your body, learn to love your body and find a lifestyle routine that works for you, but that also pushes you to achieve your best self.

Before & After Weight Journey

                     2013 (127lbs)          2014 (89lbs)               2016 (115lbs)

Source: MJ Fitnatic