NPC Colorado Northern

NPC Colorado Northern

It’s 2 days later and I still can’t believe it’s over! 5 months of preparation and in one day it was all over. I am proud of how I looked and performed, but it is frustrating that I didn’t place. It had been 2 years since my last show, and now I remember why I took such a hiatus! 
For the last month in between my shows, I felt like a shell of a human just going through the motions of everything I knew I had to do each day. Some people may be able to live this lifestyle all the time, but it’s definitely not for me. Like I said, I am proud of the package I brought to the stage, but the restrictive lifestyle, regimented eating, overtraining, constant exhaustion and irritability really was miserable. I tried not to complain too much since it was all voluntary, but after eating a banana this morning on my way to the gym for deadlift day (my favorite activity), I am sure this was my last show. 
Peak week: 
Wednesday and Thursday were the same as they were for my first show this season, so I was water loading and drinking 2+ gallons each day. Friday I drank water up until check in at 5pm and then it was none until after pre-judging the following day. I also cut out all sodium on Friday. I had a full day of work and meetings on that day, so at least that kept me distracted from how hungry I was! At this point, I hadn’t had any carbs in 2 weeks! Urghhh…
So on Friday, the real fun began. Once I was finished up with work, I headed to the venue for check-in. I was winding all over the hotel trying to find where I was supposed to go, and then the second challenge was finding a bathroom to change into my suit. You have to wear your bottoms for check-in so they can make sure they are within regulations. I finally invade a chiropractic conference since theirs is the only bathroom I seem to be able to find, and start to change. THE SUIT BOTTOMS COMPLETELY FALL APART as I am trying to put them on, so I literally have them half hanging off of me under my sweatpants. 
I didn’t want to be disqualified, so I planned to just hold the broken side together when they checked. I get to the check-in desk and nearly have the guy rolling on the floor with how I told the story of busting out of my pants. I made it through check-in and then get a phone call from my mom telling me they are trapped in Kansas because I-70 is shut down due to the blizzard rolling through causing a complete white out. I’m thinking “great, my parents are stranded 4 hours from me somewhere in Kansas, my pants won’t stay on my body, and I now have to spend all night tanning AND fixing my suit. Rude. 
So I head to Hobby Lobby in hopes of finding a solution that will keep me from being the Youtube sensation who had the most epic wardrobe malfunction of all time. I get to the store and find some moldable wire and E6000. 
I can’t say this is the activity I pictured doing the night before my show! 

The glue took awhile to set up, so we started the tanning process in the meantime! It was 4 coats Friday night and 3 coats Saturday, but it worked and I was DARK! Don’t worry, we put my puppy’s potty pads down to absorb the mist! #resourceful 


These pictures are all from pre-judging, which is where they do most of the comparisons and judging. The finals are really just for the individual walk and awards.

So as you can see, it all worked out, but it was a stressful weekend to say the least! My parents missed pre-judging since the highway didn’t open back up until about 9am Saturday. They met us right after pre-judging ended, so we headed out to Bad Daddy burgers for a mini cheat meal before finals! 
I got in a brief nap during the 4 hour break between shows which helped a ton! I wish they just went straight through since bikini ran last in both shows, and it made for a REALLY long day! Just to put it into perspective, the competitor meeting was at 8:15am and we didn’t finish for the day until 9:30pm. 
I went on stage for pre-judging around 11am and was in both a novice class and an open class. I was in novice because I had never placed 1st in an NPC show and then open is for all bikini competitors. After this it was mostly sitting around until 4:30pm when finals started. Some of my awesome clients showed up for the event, and I felt so bad because of how long the show lasted! I did have reservations for dinner at 8pm, but it very quickly became evident we weren’t even close to my category. 
Once we did finally get to awards, I was hopeful I would make top 5 in both my categories, but was sure I would in novice. Unfortunately, I was wrong on both accounts. I didn’t make top 5 in novice or open, but I tried to look past the results and discouragement and focus on my personal win. I looked better than I have for any of my other shows, and I had an amazing posse of support there to cheer me on! Since the sushi dinner plans fell through, a few of us went to Illegal Pete’s for tacos and margaritas instead! Gotta love $6 super strong margaritas! 
It was a fun weekend, but I am very much relieved it’s over! Now back to the heavy lifting that built me this booty! ;p

Source: MJ Fitnatic