NPC Northern Prep–3 Weeks Out

NPC Northern Prep–3 Weeks Out

3 weeks out from my second show this season and my willpower is definitely waning. The toughest part for me right now is waking up crazy early to do 45 minutes of fasted cardio. I know it will all be worth it once I am up on that stage, but as good a sport as I am, I will be really upset if I don’t make top 5 this time around.

My physique has improved significantly over the past 3 weeks since my first show. I am really proud of the progress I have made and the self control I have developed since starting this prep. I am competing in both novice and open for this show. I haven’t placed in the other NPC show I did, so I can still qualify for the novice division.

My parents are coming for this show, which I am super excited about! My dad has never gotten to see me compete, but my mom came to my last NPC show 2 years ago in Boston. I can’t wait to have them here, and more importantly to have a margarita with them afterward!!

The diet: 
I just really want tacos and margaritas…but I guess I can hold out for 3 more weeks! I’ve gotten more creative with my seasoning blends on my food and that has helped a ton, but eating most of it cold is still rough. I am constantly running around from meeting to client to demo and back again, so I often eat in my car, meaning I don’t have access to a microwave. I eat a ton of food throughout the day, but no carbs. At this point, I still have 1 cheat meal per week and I plan those out the week before to make sure they’re worth it! Can you tell I really like food? 
I’m really not having any cravings, but do miss the energy and strength I felt from eating carbs. I miss that powerlifting fuel: pancakes, donuts, bananas, oatmeal, english muffins…YUM! But soon enough…
The exercise: 
Cardio sucks. It works, but 45 minutes of fasted cardio is not what I wish I was doing every morning at 4am! I was having trouble breaking past the plateau I was stuck at right around my last show, but upping my fasted cardio game is making a big difference. I haven’t measured it, but I would say I am around 12% body fat right now. 
I work out every day, but one day per week I just lift and don’t do fasted cardio and one other day I just do fasted cardio but don’t lift. Because of this aggressive program, I don’t have much time to let my central nervous system recover throughout the week, so I can feel myself being really tired and irritable. I try to get enough sleep to make sure I allow for as much recovery time as possible, but with everything I need to get done in a day for my business, this is a tough goal to stick to! 
The posing: 
It’s getting so much better! I looked back through some of the pictures from my past shows and wondered what in the heck I was doing! I am so thankful to have the guidance of a seasoned prep coach this time around. I was reluctant to invest in a coach, but being told what to do and change has helped eliminate a lot of stress from the prep.  

Source: MJ Fitnatic