Off Season Training

I wish I could say I have a more structured and consistent training program for my off-seasons, but my excuse is that I spend so much time programming for my lovely clients that I neglect my own pro able to pay attention to if I need a day off or if I just need to adjust what I had planned to do that day based on how I am feeling. 

It is my off-season, but I am in limbo right now not sure of what my next competition will actually be. I adore powerlifting and find it to be extremely gratifying and fun to train for, but I also want the satisfaction of competing in and gaining the more muscular figure competitor status. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me either way, but at this point I am thinking of training more toward my next bodybuilding show. This time though, I won’t accept falling short and competing bikini again. If I commit to something I want to be able to give it 100 percent, so after I get settled in Colorado next month I think I am going to take a look at the list of shows in various natural federations for next year and set a Spring time date.

I have been consistent with my regular working out though, but the focus has been a little all over the place. Usually my week consists of a deadlift and squat day where I do go heavier, which is more powerlifting oriented and then the others are accessory/volume days where I focus more on hypertrophy for a potential bodybuilding show. I can’t really reach my full potential in either if I continue to try and do both, so that’s where setting a date to hold myself accountable will come into play.

Here are some of my recent shenanigans (not all on the same day…)!

Source: MJ Fitnatic