Off to a Good Start

Off to a Good Start

I’ve been in Denver for 3 weeks now and have already overcome all my fears I had about moving. I’ll never regret those amazing years in Boston because of the wonderful people I met and the great experience I had, but there hasn’t been a day go by since I’ve been here where I haven’t stared at the mountains in awe. The weather has also been unbelievably gorgeous, so I took advantage of the time off and my beautiful surroundings and went to climb my first 14’er last Wednesday! It was a treacherous climb, but so rewarding once I made it to the top! I am hoping to be able to get in one more epic hike before the weather takes a turn toward skiing season.

 I also started my first day of work at my new gym today and already love it! There is some amazing potential for me here and I am happy to be a part of the 24 hour fitness team! The location is great too–it’s the luxury “super sport” location, so it should also provide for some great networking opportunities with people around this community! My ultimate goal and the reason I moved out here now, is to open my own women-only gym. That will take some major preparation, but I am well on my way toward making a name for myself out here!

Another ambitious goal of mine that I have my sights set on is a figure show in April. I have been competing in bikini, but I would love to finally step it up to compete in the category I have always aspired to be in. Bring on the gainz!!!

Here are some pictures of the start of my epic adventurous life here in Colorful Colorado!

 This is me at the top of massive Mt. Bierstadt!

Source: MJ Fitnatic