Post-Show Feels

Post-Show Feels

I know a lot of competitors have post-show depression, or a longing to immediately return to show prep, but they all must be nuts. Those last few weeks leading up to my show were so demoralizing and agonizing. I could barely muster the motivation to get out of bed knowing fasted cardio was the first thing on my to-do list for the day. I originally decided to do the Albuquerque show because I wanted to document the disciplined journey it takes to get on stage. I didn’t go in-depth in many of my posts about how restrictive the lifestyle really was, because it honestly would have been too intimidating for the bulk of the clients I work with.

I also wouldn’t want current or future clients to think that “all or nothing approach” is what I would expect out of them as a client of MJ Fit. My mission as a personal trainer who works exclusively with women and children is to “inspire women and children to be strong,” so I came to realize bodybuilding really doesn’t support this message.

I have gone back to eating real food and lifting real weights, and I LOVE it! With my clients, I try to integrate types of exercise and foods they enjoy, so it’s not a total lifestyle overhaul right out of the gate, and that’s what I do for myself too.  I am proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I appreciate being strong and confident even more after the experience!

My workouts are shorter since cutting my weekly cardio wayyyy back! I can usually get it all in in a little over an hour, with stretching included. I am eating for weight maintenance, but with integrating carbs, I am retaining a lot of water after eating so clean for 6 months!

My split: 

Day 1: Legs (glute emphasis) & abs
Day 2: Chest & bi’s
Day 3: Back & tri’s
Day 4: Legs (hamstring emphasis) & conditioning
Day 5: Shoulders & abs
Day 6: Cardio & abs

My diet (per day): 

Protein: 165g
Carb: 249g
Sugar: 54g (natural and added)
Fat: 84g

Source: MJ Fitnatic