Training for the Northern

Training for the Northern

I swore I would never go back to the dark side, yet here I am again training for another bodybuilding show. Powerlifting is still my passion, but I tried to compete figure at my last show and ended up falling short and doing bikini again–not this time! This time, if I’m not ready for figure then I just won’t compete at all. I have already bought my suit and all the rhinestones I need to deck it out, so I’m in it to win it! Yeah…no one completes a rigorous contest prep without the hope of winning, so hopefully I can make my dream come true!

I’m only just beginning, but can already feel the rigors of the training. My whole body is sore pretty much all the time, and with increasing my training durations and intensity, I get really bad cramps and fatiguing feelings in my forearms and hands. I’m really bad at selling this whole bodybuilding thing, huh? Haha It is an unmatchable feeling to be up on that stage in the best shape of your life surrounding my other incredible athletes who have gone through the same thing though.

I know once January hits, it’ll feel more real since I’ll be closer to my show and will really start honing in on the prep to get me stage-ready. Figure prep is a bit beyond my knowledge, so with this one I will definitely need some resources for both the training and the diet. Posing is also going to be a ton different from bikini, which will be nice! And less subjective!

I have stepped up my workouts by creating more of a split routine rather than working a few muscle groups on my accessory days and then only doing my big lifts with lots of rest on the other days. That was my powerlifting routine in a nutshell. Right now, I am doing a split where I try to hit every muscle group two times per week and I usually work out for about an hour and a half to two hours every day. At this point, I am not doing any regimented cardio, but do love to go hiking or skiing on Saturdays, so I will definitely make that part of my workout routine! My diet still has me in the “bulking” stage, and once I hit January I plan to maintain for about 2 months and then start cutting in February for my April 8 show!

It really is getting so close, and I can’t wait to see how much my physique is doing to change over these next several months! This is where I am right now, nearing the end of my bulk. BF 18% Weight 122.5lbs

Source: MJ Fitnatic