When to Quit Your Job

When to Quit Your Job

I follow Michael Boyle’s everything religiously and recently he referenced Ryan Lee and this awesome article. This perfectly describes what I feel I have been going through for the past few years! I have always been different and knew I was destined for more, but just recently it has come together to allow me to follow my true passion and go independent. Granted, I do promotional modeling and brand ambassador work on the side when I am not training, but I am finally to a point where training under MJ Fit is my “job” and the demos and promos I do are my side gig. It’s taken a long time and a lot of work to get here, and it’s only the beginning!

Although I have been thinking about starting my own company for the past year and a half, I really wanted to make sure I had the clientele, time and tools necessary to make myself successful. Waiting until I finished school was also a priority–when I commit to something, I want to make sure I can give it 100%. Mr. Lee was more calculated than I have been being that he waited until he had been generating more than his gym teacher salary for 6 consecutive months before leaving. I more just spoke with all my clients to make sure they would support me and help me with referrals. I also began marketing myself in the community to begin growing my business even more.

The focus on creating deadlines for yourself to achieve your long-term goals is imperative. I consult bi-weekly with a member of the Small Business Association of Denver to make sure I am setting realistic and appropriate goals for myself, and then also making sure I reach them. I was nervous that once school ended, I would lose that accountability and adherence to the timeline I had promised myself I would stick to. The goal should not be to “get rich quick,” but rather to build an empire and something that will be timeless and fulfilling. To quote Mr. Lee, “No momentum = Business death,” do having deadlines to make sure there is a sense of urgency is vital.

In the real-world, life is draining and overwhelming, so I decided to make my dreams come true and to do that I needed to drastically cut my financial obligations. I had full-time school, full-time job in an unrelated field, part-time training job at a gym that paid terribly and was still trying to work on my business as well as myself as an athlete. It was too much, too expensive, too draining and way too miserable. I needed more flexible hours to allow me to get my priorities in check, so I quit the full-time job and began focusing more on my business which allowed me to soon quit my part-time training job to start my own company! I pay a monthly rent to train at the facility where I do and also do promotions on the side–I love my life now and can spend a lot more time preparing to open my gym! The promotions allow me to network in a few of the neighborhoods in Denver I am looking at for my gym/to live, so it’s a win/win in my book!

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When to Quit Your Job

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